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Corporate Yoga Classes

While work can be a source of satisfaction, it is likewise frequently discussed as the reason for stress, physical and psychological suffering and even, for some, exhaustion (or burnout). According to the National Agency for the Improvement of Working Conditions, tension impacts four in 10 employees. In view of these aspects, and by virtue of a progressively widespread well-being at work policy, a huge selection of private and public companies offer yoga classes to their staff members.

World-famous companies, such as Apple, or Microsoft, offer their employees weekly yoga classes to keep them healthy, productive and motivated. More than ever, companies are actively looking for ways to support the wellness of their workers - and what much better than yoga and meditation?

Everyone is talking about it and exposing these very same figures from the Harvard/ MIT research study: "Happy employees are twice as sick, 6 times less missing, 9 times more faithful, 31% more productive, 55% more creative."

Offer a break of rest, calmness and relaxation to your teams! Open up by tapping into the several virtues of yoga. Accessible and soft to all, the practice of relaxing yoga in service, an ancient discipline, reconciles company with wellness at work. It supplies participants with breathing-based stress management tools.

Why use Yoga classes in companies?

The postures and the breaths relieve the stress connected to stress, renew the creativity and the wellness of each one. It also provides a feeling of coming from a group and an opportunity to have a much better relationship with co-workers.

A real bulwark against organization tension, the yoga class promotes inspiration, respect, listening, sharing and teamwork. He takes part in the cumulative performance.

The benefits of yoga at work are obvious both physically and psychologically. Through breathing workouts, people who practice find out to react more calmly since they are less overwhelmed by their emotions. The practice provides self-confidence, they are able to speak calmly however strongly, and are more bold to talk to their hierarchy about the changes they desire. On the postural side, yoga eliminates or reduces neck and back pain associated to a bad position in front of the computer system, migraines due to screens, discomfort associated to carpal tunnel syndrome. Practicing for just an hour a week likewise decreases tension. Staff members say they are more relaxed, they sleep better.

The practice of yoga makes it possible to act effectively on particular signs within your company: absenteeism, decline in imagination, turnover, accidents at work, bad working atmosphere, trouble in replacing recruiting staff, degeneration of the social climate ...

Concentration, taking a step back, relaxation, self-esteem, imagination, better posture, the advantages of yoga in company are many at a specific level but likewise ... non-judgment, respect, openness to others, for the good of the cumulative.

The benefits of a corporate yoga workshop are numerous. A yoga session at work brings visible outcomes on the physique. Quickly, your employees feel a peaceful wave all over their body: strength, vigor, flexibility. Yoga in the office, through the accessible postures it provides, minimizes occupational illnesses and musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain and stress and anxiety. The practice of yoga enables you to act on stress, manage feelings and relax the main nerve system, releasing true inner calm.

How does a Yoga class happen at work?

At his desk or in a conference space, yoga workouts can be done in work clothes or in comfortable clothing. No prior yoga experience is required, so anyone can participate.

Modular and available to all, group yoga classes are as effective as they are basic to set up in your service. All your employees can get involved, regardless of their age or sporting level.

Where do the Yoga classes happen?

Yoga and meditation classes at work can take location at your business premises (gym, conference room, typical area or snack bar), or online by videoconference.@

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Our courses and teachers have adapted their programs to be able to lead in-company courses with others, whatever the level of your employees.

They will allow your employees to be more serene within your company while enjoying sustainable habits such as a better quality of life and a reduction in stress among many others.

Our corporate yoga teachers



Vinyasa, Yin & Nidra Yoga teacher

She first trained at the French Yoga Institute (IFY), which offers a traditional approach to yoga, especially in its philosophical dimension. She then trained in Vinyasa Yoga, then Yin Yoga before learning Yoga Nidra to perfect her knowledge.




Hatha / Yoga / Yin / Vinyasa Yoga teacher


Introduced to yoga by her gentle mother, herself a teacher, it was first in India, “at the source”, in the traditional and colorful Rishikesh, that Marine decided to train in her turn in the art of teach Yoga.

She also completed her 300 hour training of Vinyasa & Yin Yoga by Mathieu Boldron in Thailand last year.



Vinyasa & Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Virginie has a professional background that has gradually turned around support, well-being and fitness. Virginie is trained in traditional yoga Vinyasa and prenatal yoga. His knowledge of the body allows an evolutionary practice of Yoga according to each one.


Corporate Yoga classes

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Corporate Yoga classes

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Why offer Yoga classes to your employees ?

Why do yoga at your workplace?

Yoga has many benefits, physical, mental and emotional. The possibility of combining professional life and relaxation will also allow you to have more time for yourself at home. Here are 5 of the top benefits applied to the corporate world.

  1. Yoga globally improves physical and mental health
  2. Yoga relaxes the body, and thus reduces MSDs
  3. Yoga, through targeted exercises, is indicated against back, neck and shoulder pain. And other disorders linked to particular working conditions.
  4. Yoga allows you to better manage stress and anxiety, teaches you to let go at work and take a step back.
  5. Yoga improves the ability to concentrate

How to organize Yoga in a company?

You only need a limited space and a few rugs, so consider adapting a meeting room, for example. Plan a weekly session of around one hour, depending on the possibilities of your employees, at noon or at the end of the day.

How does a Yoga class work for a company?

The course of most of the lessons will take place in the same way while adapting to the progress of the group, namely:

  • 10 minutes of opening to settle down physically and mentally.
  • 40 minutes of chained postures working the whole body: postures standing, seated, on the stomach and on the back, guided by breathing and in full presence, for a finer and more interior awareness of oneself.
  • 10 minutes of final relaxation, a moment of calm for body and mind.

What are the benefits of Yoga in the workplace for the employer?

  1. You empower yourself. You show your concern for the well-being of your employees. For sure they will thank you!
  2. You improve the daily life of your employees. After several sessions, they feel better in their body and their mind, at home and at work! You re-motivate them!
  3. You prevent occupational diseases, and therefore sick leave and absenteeism at work …
  4. You allow your employees to bond with each other. During the sessions they get to know each other, to understand each other. You promote a good atmosphere at work!
  5. You enhance your image as an employer. Your employees will stay and you will attract better candidates because you will make a difference!