Yoga classes for Baby Shower in Palestine

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Yoga classes for Baby Shower in Palestine

At the end of the pregnancy, the future mother takes advantage of her maternity leave to organize a lunch, a snack or an evening to which she welcomes her friends.
The goal is to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the infant, and to practice enjoyable activities (a bit like a bachelorette celebration, but softer version).

Custom has it that a baby shower is a minute invested with females so that you can share your individual experiences as a mother-to-be, pregnancy, giving birth, and life after birth. Nothing prevents you from welcoming males to this special occasion, the important thing being to feel well surrounded.

Yoga for a Baby Shower?

For an infant shower, you can go and unwind in a spa, have a picture shoot or take a cooking class ... But you can also do yourself excellent with a yoga class!
There are no necessary activities to do while on a babyshower. The choice of activities will depend totally on your tastes and your character. The video games around motherhood and infants are the most popular. You can still believe outside package and offer yoga sessions or wellness activities (massage, relaxation treatment, and so on) to your guests. These group and relaxing activities permit you to much better talk about and enjoy this festive minute in peace.

We can also do other activities during the party. The key is to select activities suitable for a woman who is 8 months pregnant (prevent karting and bungee jumping).
It is true that among girls, we can talk for hours without ever being at a loss for the subject of discussion. Still, it's best to plan a few games and activities to ensure you have a hectic day. You can take a guesswork game or do a child quiz. Offer her a group session to create a Zen and stress-relieving atmosphere if the mother-to-be is prepared to do yoga or relaxation therapy. And to keep stunning memories of this infant shower, prepare a little image shoot with some accessories. Fun guaranteed!


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Our teachers have adapted their programs to meet the day so special that represents a Baby Shower.

They will animate the course in the most consistent way possible and best suited to what you expect to enjoy a day of relaxation and relaxation with your friends.

Our yoga teachers for Baby Shower in Palestine



Vinyasa, Yin & Nidra Yoga teacher

She first trained at the French Yoga Institute (IFY), which offers a traditional approach to yoga, especially in its philosophical dimension. She then trained in Vinyasa Yoga, then Yin Yoga before learning Yoga Nidra to perfect her knowledge.




Hatha / Yoga / Yin / Vinyasa Yoga teacher


Introduced to yoga by her gentle mother, herself a teacher, it was first in India, “at the source”, in the traditional and colorful Rishikesh, that Marine decided to train in her turn in the art of teach Yoga.

She also completed her 300 hour training of Vinyasa & Yin Yoga by Mathieu Boldron in Thailand last year.



Vinyasa & Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Virginie has a professional background that has gradually turned around support, well-being and fitness. Virginie is trained in traditional yoga Vinyasa and prenatal yoga. His knowledge of the body allows an evolutionary practice of Yoga according to each one.


Yoga classes for Baby Shower in Palestine

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Yoga classes for Baby Shower in Palestine

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Up to 9 pers. included


Perfect for a relaxing break in this busy day 

* Travel costs and material included

From 10 people


Perfect for a relaxing break in this busy day.

* Travel costs and material included

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Why Choose Yoga Classes for Baby Shower in Palestine

How to book a class for a Baby Shower?

All you have to do is contact us by phone or by using our contact form specifying the date, time and number of people who must attend. We will contact you and discuss the different modalities with you.

How does a Yoga class work during a Baby Shower?

We are pleased to share this beautiful moment with you at home or in a room that we make available to you for a fee during 1:30 to 2 hours of lessons. We adapt ourselves to the level of the participants and their particular desires.

Why take a Yoga class during a Baby Shower?

A Baby Shower is a busy day, loaded with emotions and activities, so a yoga practice gently detoxifies your body and mind. This will also help you to strengthen the bond between you and your friends and offer a fun activity to your everyone.